Technology can be deadly. 

Joey O'Connor's new thriller will take you into an exotic, immersive story world set deep in the Congo jungle, Brussels, and Dubai. 

Join Dr. Kai Baldwin as he launches into a desperate search for his former fiancée kidnapped in the Congo by a cryptocurrency titan set on controlling the world's cobalt resources. 

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Among Kings
A Historical Fiction Novel by Joey O'Connor

Audiobook Now Available!

Among Kings: The Amazing Adventures of the Congo's African American Livingstone and the Courageous People who Toppled King Leopold II is the new epic historical fiction novel by Joey O'Connor.

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Among Kings: The Amazing Adventures of the Congo's African American Livingstone and the Courageous People who Toppled King Leopold II by Joey O'Connor

What Readers are Saying about Among Kings...  

Prentice Dupins, Filmmaker

Among Kings has added to our understanding of African-American history, the history of Africa, the history of Western Europe and of the history of the church. The story of humanity has been made just a bit more fuller and richer. The imagery is fascinating and the relationships endearing. William Sheppard and all those he touches is on parade in this great read. Thank you for bringing to light this unsung African American hero and hero of the church.

Todd Rodarmel, Pastor

As a pastor who has been to Africa and worked with missionaries, I read this story relating to William's calling and sympathizing with the obstacles he had to overcome to follow his dream. What I was not expecting was the timely relevance of issues of racism, globalization, politics, religion, economics and tribal clashes of cultures. Sometimes it's easier to see the issues of our own day through the stories of the past. Highly recommend reading Among Kings!

Rebecca Faubion, Artist

This is an epic story of soul-stirring true events; one of those rare books that lingers in your mind long after you read the last page. A stirring adventure story that I could hardly put down, it was also a thoroughly researched historical saga that educated as it entertained. Poignant themes emerged, as I journeyed with the characters through love, loss, faith, hypocrisy, revenge, repentance and forgiveness. A book for all times; especially for now.

Carroll Stevens, Musician

A great story in a time of great relevance. LOVE this book! The author does a masterful job of weaving together story threads that shine a light on a little known but amazing story of courage, conviction, and camaraderie between a white man and a black man on mission together in the late 1800s. Kudos to Joey O'Connor for giving us this gem of historical fiction at a time when we can use heroes like these men. His writing style is easy to read yet artistically written.

The "Why" Behind Among Kings

Listen in as Joey describes why he wrote Among Kings. Did you know in the past twenty-five years, over six million people have died in the Democratic Republic of Congo? How did all of this get started?
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Among Kings

The Bub & Bob Show

My good friends, Bub Kuns and Bob Mattossian, invited me to be a guest on their Bub & Bob Storybrothers Show. We spent time talking about growing up in So California and Among Kings. Enjoy!


Joey Reads Among Kings

Meet Shamba

I'm reading about one of my favorite characters in Among Kings. Shamba is William Sheppard's guide through the Congo (and the book!). 
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