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Here you can listen to Joey's latest podcast and media interviews. You can also contact him for speaking engagements.

The Douglas Coleman Show 

Joey was recently interviewed on The Douglas Coleman Show. Listen to Joey's response to Douglas' question: Has Christianity helped or hurt people in the Congo? Episode aired December 26, 2020. Click here to watch on YouTube now.

The Hollis Chapman Show

On The Hollis Chapman Show, Hollis and Joey speak about the importance of passion in all of our creative endeavors. Hollis asks Joey a number of intriguing questions about Among Kings. Click here to listen now.
Episode aired on November 6, 2020.

The Dave Pamah Show

On The Dave Pamah Show out of London, Dave interviewed Joey about Among Kings. They spoke about the power of sports, racism, interracial friendships, and the relevancy of Among Kings in today's world. Click here to listen now.
Episode aired on October 6, 2020.

The Todd Rod God Podcast

Listen to the Among Kings interview on The Todd Rod God Podcast. Todd Rodarmel and Drew Tilton interview Joey about the fascinating story behind Among Kings.
Episode aired October 5, 2020

Invite Joey to speak about Among Kings

Learn the fascinating life stories of William Sheppard and the host of courageous people who toppled King Leopold II of Belgium. Discover the birth of the modern human rights movement and the key players who influenced today's social justice movements. Joey O'Connor is available for speaking and media engagements upon request. Questions? Click here to email.

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