What Are You Cultivating?

By Joey O'Connor

Friends, let me ask you a simple question...

What are you cultivating?

It's a question I often ask myself. 

But if I'm honest, perhaps not often enough?

Like it or not, things are always growing in the small gardens of our lives.

In my experience, fruit grows. Weeds grow. Gophers grow. And nefarious insects will grow and overpopulate my garden if I let them.

On the 12 acre organic lemon and avocado grove we farm for The Grove Center for the Arts & Media, (the non-profit arts ministry I founded years ago), God's good earth has taught me a lot about cultivating.

Cultivating is a daily practice and a regular rhythm to produce the fruit you want in your life.

Cultivating doesn't happen by accident. It requires, dare I say, demands attention.

Lemons and avocados (and our lives) need regular water, sun, fertilizer, pruning, care and attention. 

The gophers will come to gnaw at the roots of everything you hold dear.

Insipid small insects will attack without provocation.

Thirsty coyotes will gnaw off your sprinkler heads.

There's always creepy-crawlers and critters trying to nibble away at the edges of our hearts and lives.

I haven't even begun to speak of years-long drought or too much rain to spoil your lemons.

But when you cultivate with patience and persistence, beautiful things begin to grow.

You see progress and breakthrough in relationships. You finish that art project or conversation you've been putting off for some time. You find yourself becoming more honest with God and others. You begin to see new fruit for all your sweat and labor.

You're able to pick a few avocados. Let them ripen for a week or two. Mash'em into guacamole. Squeeze fresh lemon juice on top. Grab a beer and a bag of chips with your loved ones and oh my...

Cultivating is so worth every ounce of effort you put into it.

Keep cultivating seeds of faith, hope and love today.

Your spouse, your family, friends and co-workers will thank you.


Question: What are you cultivating?

Let me a comment below. I'd love to hear from you!


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